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Exploring Careers

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Not sure? Try these websites to discover some career and job possibilities!

Researching Career Information gives background facts, educational requirements, job outlook, average salary, etc. to more than 500 different careers. Short video clips - about 1-3 minutes - are also available.  Some video clips are presented in Spanish.

After visiting the site, choose the specific job you would like to learn more about by clicking on that job title. Then, click on the word video on the right side of the screen to view the video clip about that job. Sometimes, the video is just about the related job category, or "cluster".

When you're done, click X at the bottom right corner of video screen. Click on Career Search at the top to research another career choice!


 There are also great career-exploration activities you can do with your kids!

  • Check out career books at the library.
  • Track the progress of a construction project in your area. Talk about the tools used.
  • Interview someone about a career.
  • Create a career collage from magazines.
  • Create a community career book.
  • Visit the local fire department, post office, and rescue squad.
  • List the jobs at a school. Talk about how the jobs work together in school.
  • Ask a child about their favorite career and explain.
  • Draw or paint a favorite career.
  • Rent kids videos from the library that talk about different careers.
  • Identify careers you spot on a car ride.
  • Ask kids to name 3 careers that work with food.
  • Visit a farm, orchard, park or national forest.
  • Talk about jobs you see at the store.
  • Allow kids to assist an adult with cooking and preparing food.
  • Assign kids chores and talk about skills.
  • Name a career related to a favorite school subject.
  • Name careers in sports other than a professional athlete.
  • Name 3 careers that work
    • with animals
    • outside
    • with money
    • with kids
  • Send a thank you note to someone in a helping career. 
  • Talk about how school skills relate to good work habits.
  • Name a job for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Talk about large employers in your city or town.
  • Name the jobs at a favorite vacation spot.
  • What careers involve driving?
  • Sculpt careers out of play dough and try to guess what they are.
  • Try to guess a career by naming three clues about the career.

Career View

Come explore 23 different careers through 3 levels of play with Career Town!

Career View

Career Interest Survey

Not sure what career/job you would like?  Try this interest survey. Click on the boxes of things you enjoy for some possible career/job matches!    

Career Interest Survey Career Options

Want to learn about a specific career/job?  Search through A-Z jobs from! Career Options


Career Search

Here's a short interest survey that lets you search by subjects, job categories and more.  Click on the boxes of things you like for some possible career/job options!