Welcome to the Des Moines Elementary School Library! 

School Hours

Monday - Thursday
9:15 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Early Release Friday
9:15 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Library Policies & Procedures FAQs

When does my student come to the library?

Each class visits the library for weekly lesson, story time and checkouts. Teacher's will announce the class scheduled day and time when school begins.

Is the library open for at any other time?

Students are welcomed to come into the library to return/renew/checkout books before school, 8:45-9:05 a.m.

Teachers may also send students down during regular class time, as needed, to find additional book(s) to read.

​​​​​​​How many books can my student check out at a time?

  • Kindergarten
    • 1 book, then 2 as the year progresses
    • Teachers may choose to keep library books in class instead of sending home
  • 1st grade
    • 2 books, then 3 as the year progresses
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade
    • Up to 3 books

Exceptions to the checkout limits will be made when students are working on a special class project and/or at request of teacher.

When are library books due?

Books are generally due each week, but often students are allowed to check out an additional book if they are under their weekly limit. It is extremely helpful for students to return their books the day before their 'library day' to help get books checked in and returned to shelves for other students to checkout and enjoy.

Families are encouraged to have a designated place at home for library books as well as a reminder notice on a common message place (refrigerator, calendar, etc..) for when books are due. Helping your child establish good book care routines will enable them to be a more responsible library user and able to check out books more frequently  when  they are returned on time.

What if my child is absent on library day?

Students can either bring the book(s) back to the library before school when they return or simply wait until the books from their class are due the following week.

What if my child is not finished reading a book?

For grades 2-6, students are allowed to "renew" a book to finish reading. There are special bookmarks in their class library basket for this purpose, or they may attach a 'sticky note' with their name, teacher's name, and renew please placed over the barcode that is in the top­ right corner of the page just inside the front cover. These books can be placed in the library basket to return to library. The book(s) will be renewed and waiting in library for when the class arrives.

It is expected that book(s) not be renewed continually as other students may be waiting to read it. If it cannot be finished in a timely manner, it would be best to return it and recheck out at a later date.

Are there special books or other materials available for checkout?

Special books in our library are called 'graphic novels'. These are stories with colorful 'cartoon-like' illustrations. Due to their enormous popularity and limited copies, there will be NO renewals allowed. Students are expected to return them in one week so that others can enjoy them. The complexity of stories may determine which series are for which grade levels. Students who routinely have these books overdue may lose privileges of checking them out.

The library will soon be offering students in grades 4-5-6 an opportunity to check out a 'Playaway'. These are small, mp3 players with the audio recording for one book. These are much more expensive to replace should they be lost, so there will be parent permission slips for these.

My child has checked out a book that I'm not sure is appropriate to read. What should I do?

All books in our library meet selection policy rules approved by our School Board. This does not mean that every book is appropriate for every child due to interest, readability or content. Teachers and library staff help students make selections by teaching about what good books include and how to decide if a book is 'just right'.

Students in grades 1-6 are asked to find at least 1 book that is "at their (reading) level". Other books are of their choice and may/may not be at their reading level but are topic(s) of interest that perhaps could be shared with family. Many students are already familiar with what 'letter(s)' correspond to their assigned level from their teachers. Most books have a readability 'letter' noted at the top of the spine. If one is not labeled, library staff/teachers can make a reasonable judgement as to whether the book matches a certain level or not.

After this 'coaching', majority of checkout decisions are up to the individual students. Taking time to read with your child is a great way to get to know what kinds of books your child enjoys. Also, by listening to your child read aloud, you can help them practice new reading strategies toward becoming a confident reader.

What if my child has lost or damaged a book?

Accidents happen and sometimes books are lost, torn or even damaged beyond repair. The best thing to do is to let the library staff know immediately so that the situation can be accessed.

Checking out books from a school library is different from a public library, families may not always see the book(s) that their child checks out. This can be especially frustrating when you receive a notice for a lost book. Students are reminded in library each week regarding overdue books. Book(s) that are overdue at least a month are presumed lost and a notice will be sent home with your child. Notices may also be sent via email or US Mail to address on file for book(s) overdue for 2 months or more. In some cases, teachers may also try to contact you.

If you receive a notice for a lost book(s), please take time to look everywhere possible at home. Teachers can also look on their classroom shelves, as sometimes library books end up there. Likewise, library shelves will be double-checked. Once all the potential placement possibilities are exhausted, then there will be a charge for the replacement cost of the book. Should the book(s) be found and returned in good condition before the last day of the current school year, the money will be refunded.