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Challenge Program


The goal of Highline's Highly Capable Program is to provide opportunities for students to achieve a greater depth of knowledge, and in some cases, to accelerate their learning to reach their full potential as scholars.

Program Services for Identified Students

Highly Capable Program Services (also known as HiCap) are designed for students who: 1) are academically advanced, and 2) demonstrate high intellectual capability.

Students receiving highly capable services are often independent learners who thrive on progressively challenging opportunities and utilize advanced problem-solving, in-depth study and presentation of curriculum matched to their demonstrated skills and capabilities.

Students receiving highly capable program services through the Challenge Program, Earned Honors or a Highly Capable Learning Plan practice progressively higher-level thinking skills such as synthesis, analysis, creativity, inference, and evaluation. Within a given classroom or setting, students may demonstrate a varied level of advancement relative to reading, math and written language.

The goal of Highline's Highly Capable Program is to provide opportunities for students to achieve a greater depth of knowledge, and in some cases, to accelerate their learning, to reach their full potential as scholars. We strive to provide services that meet each student's needs and capabilities and help students cultivate habits of learning that will contribute to student success in school, college, career and life.

Elementary Challenge classrooms are places where highly capable students can grow as learners. The Challenge curriculum is the same as the rest of the students at their grade level with the opportunity for learning more about a topic. The class will, at times, move through the curriculum faster than other classes. Students will learn about taking care of their own needs and clearly letting others know their needs. Students will get to learn by working by themselves, with others in pairs, and in small groups. They will also learn about becoming self-directed by organizing their time, their thinking, and their work. 

In Elementary Challenge Classrooms:

  • Teachers organize instruction in their classes to meet these program goals:
  • Students are learning about new concepts and ideas
  • Curriculum and instruction are focused on the needs of highly capable students
  • Thinking, creativity, and problem solving are parts of learning
  • Students will learn to work with others in pairs and in groups  to learn together and to understand one another.
  • There is a focus on the specific needs of highly capable children
  • Students will learn about their strengths and needs to help them focus on their academic needs.

Middle School Locations

Once a student is accepted into the Challenge program, they are assigned to a school based on where they live in Highline. Transportation is provided.

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