Safety in the drive through at Des Moines Elementary

Safety in the drive through at Des Moines Elementary

Kids Before Cars

We understand mornings can be hectic and that your time is valuable. Our staff has worked hard to plan the most efficient and safe pick up/drop off system possible, given the limited space available. We’ve collectively noticed that  morning traffic has been running more smoothly than in times past, so a big “thank you”! To all of you for your cooperation. There are, however, times of “high traffic” when cars are more likely to have a slight delay in returning to their daily commute. This is most likely to occur when buses are also dropping off children. Highline School District  bus drivers are still adapting to new routes and to our routine as well.  If you find yourself caught for a few moments behind a bus or car, we would like to ask for just a bit of patience. This means waiting behind the bus or car in front of yours and not altering the location of any placed signs and/or cones. These visual cues are there for the sole purpose of keeping our children and their A.M. commuters safe. (Please see drive through map on last page of this newsletter.)


If waiting is not an option for you, here are a few alternatives:


1. Leaving five minutes earlier than usual 

2. Parking across the field on 219th Street 

3. Parking at United Methodist Church on 9th Ave & 222nd Street and walking.


Thank you for your continued effort in keeping Des Moines Elementary students safe!

See our Drive Through Map