DME Warm Weather Reminders

DME Warm Weather Reminders

The purpose for the dress guidelines are to reinforce and uphold the idea that the Des Moines Elementary staff, students, and volunteers are involved in creating a positive environment for academic study.

Warm Weather Dress Guidelines

· Shorts, skirts and dresses are to be long enough to maintain modesty while     standing or sitting. These items should reach mid- thigh.

· Shirts should meet the waistband of skirts or pants, even when students move or bend. Undergarments are to be covered at all times. 

· Tank top straps must be at least two finger-widths wide – no “spaghetti strap” style tank tops or dresses.

· Revealing clothing such as low cut shirts and blouses, half shirts, clothing made from “see through” material, are not allowed.  Modesty and good taste are required.

Parents will be asked to bring a change of clothing if a student comes to school inappropriately dressed.